Dublin Skip Hire is an Irish owned and family run company and has been serving building and construction industry customers in Dublin for over 10 years. We specialise in Skip Hire Rental. Currently, we service households and businesses throughout the Dublin area. We offer convenient and handy skip hiring services. We are not just your regular Skip Hire company, we also provide you with valuable information on how to save money and we assist your household or business to reuse and recycle waste. At Dublin Skip Hire, we are passionate about waste disposal and recycling and we want to help all customers to dispose of their waste in an environmentally friendly way and that it is also cost-effective to you. We have become the industry leaders in the pay to use waste disposal industry due to our values of care, delivery, and quality in the hiring of skips industry.

So, here is why you should Choose Our Waste Collection Dublin Services: 

Professional and Expert Team 

All our staff are fully trained and will provide a very professional service to you. They will offer their assistance in helping you choose the appropriate skip to suit your requirements and your budget price plan.

Exceptional Services 

We are Dublin’s leading waste disposal company providing only top of the range skip hiring services to all our customers. We offer a wide range of skips for hire to suit all jobs small or big. We also offer out of hours service. Our focus is to provide easy skip hire and hassle-free skip hire services. Customer Satisfaction is paramount to us and we want to ensure that all our customer’s requirements are always met, and they are entirely happy with all the services that we provide.

Your Local Company 

We are your local and family business based in Clondalkin Dublin, who provide sustainable skip hire services and create good sustainable relationships with all our customers simply due to the leading services that we provide.

Customer service is second to none 

Our customers are our number one priority and we aim to provide the best service that we possibly can. We are all passionate about recycling and what the future brings, and all our staff members are only on the other end of the phone to answer any questions that you may have. We are always here to talk anytime that you need.

Skip hire is one of the many methods used to clear unwanted waste. The Irish Government insists on proper disposal of waste materials because of three reasons, namely having a clean environment, fighting global warming and facilitating reuse of non degradable materials. Skip hire is considered one of the most affordable ways of disposing off unwanted materials. There are many factors that influence the amount of money a person will pay for a skip hire. This is the reason a person should be careful on the Dublin skip hire Company he/she choose. Here are some things that influence the amount of money a person will pay:


  • The hiring duration
  • The size of the bin
  • The transportation distance from the service provider to the client
  • If a person requires a skip hire permit


A person can use these bins to get rid of hazardous products, garden wastes, mixed building residues, building matrials like shutters, heavy goods, and domestic wastes among others. The hiring process starts off by setting aside a reasonable budget. Dublin Companies charge different prices for their services.


Different sized skips

Size influences the amount of money someone pays. Small skips are less expensive when compared to large ones. Size determines the amount of waste it can handle. It also determines how often the service providers will empty these bins. Big Companies need big sized bins because of they emit huge wastes compared to domestic residents. Here are some common skips your selected Dublin Skip hire Companyoffers:


2-3 yard hire skips

These are among the smallest bins service providers offer. They are perfect for domestic use and nearly every house owner in Dublin can afford. In short, they are perfect for places that don’t emit a lot of waste. These bins are also perfect for wastes that need to be disposed separately such as plastic and hazardous materials among others.


4-5 yard mini skips

They are perfect for small jobs such as house clearing and garden clearing among others. Environmental experts recommend these bins for those looking for a perfect way of disposing waste products.


6 yard skip hire

People in Dublin commonly hire 6 yard Skips to dispose off, large building garden and garden wastes. They are quite flexible in that they provide ample space for people to effectively handle various tasks. That’s not all; a person can easily move them around.


10, 12, 14, 16, and 30 yard Skips

These skips are quite expensive because of their size. They are mostly used by big commercial clients. Such Companies emit huge amount of wastes.


Let us look at other factors that influence pricing of these bins:

The hiring period

The longer the hiring period, the higher the amount of money a person pays. A person should therefore set aside a budget that can accommodate his/her needs. A person should also inquire about any hidden charges to avoid confusion in the future.


The region

As we all know, Dublin is very big. As a result, person should check the location of the service provider before contacting them. The distance between the service provider and the client influences the price of a Skip hire bin.


Council permit

The Irish Government has made it a requirement for people to request skip hire permit if they intent to place them on public land. This can influence the amount of money you pay to the service provider.


Rules on how to use Skip hire

Different firms have different rules and regulations. Most firms emphasize on two rules, namely restricted items and weight limit. Each bin has its own weight limit. People should observe the set weight as it reduces accidents when the skip is being cleared or carried away. Secondly, there are some materials which service providers advise people to store differently. This varies depending on the selected Dublin Skip Hire Company. Prohibited materials range from batteries, tyres, electrical items, paint, oil, plasterboard and compressed car cylinders among others. A person should therefore confirm the materials they are allowed to dispose on these bins. Some prohibited materials that are harmful and cause serious health factors.


Selecting a perfect Skip Hire Firm

As earlier stated, there are many service providers in Dublin. A person should therefore choose a perfect firm that meets his/her needs. Let us start off by looking at the hiring process. Most people in Dublin prefer asking recommendations from friends and family members.


Here is the hiring process:

It kicks off by reaching out on the selected Dublin Skip Hire Company. A person should request a one on one meeting with the firm’s representative. It would be perfect if you request visiting their premises. This gives a person the opportunity to go through the Skips before selecting a perfect one. This is necessary as there are some firms who rent out old and broken bins. A person should insist on new or middle aged skips.

The next process involves checking out quotes of selected Firms. A person should request quotes from the selected service providers. A person should select a service provider who is within the indicated budget. Comparison of quotes help people select best deals in the market.

Service providers are different in that there are those offering transportation systems at no extra charge, whereas there are those that charge a small fee for this service. A person should focus on finding a Firm that offers transportation service. It can be frustrating to transport a Skip hire on your own. They require some safety gadgets and machineries to load and unload these bins.

People in Dublin should check out the reputation of the selected firm. Waste materials should be properly disposed off when the bin is full as it can cause serious health hazard to surrounding people. There are also some wastes that can destroy the look of an environment. A person should check out for service providers who have a perfect reputation of delivering skip hire bins on time, empting the bins once they are full and guiding people on how to dispose off, harmful wastes among others. There are some Skip hire firms that delay in everything, ranging from delivery services and clearing wastes among others.

Let us be responsible and make Dublin clean by properly disposing off, waste materials.